Table 2

Significant risk factors for ATV ownership, experience, and safety behaviours among young rural adolescent ATV riders (referent group noted in parentheses)

RR (95% CI)
ATV ownership
    Students living on a farm (town)1.96 (1.20 to 3.22)
    Females living on a farm (females, town)2.80 (1.26 to 6.21)
ATV experience
    Male gender (female)1.86 (1.40 to 2.47)
    Males living on a farm (female, farm)1.89 (1.21 to 2.95)
    Males living in a town (female, town)1.92 (1.34 to 2.75)
    Family owned ATV (no family owned ATV)1.70 (1.40 to 2.00)
Safety behaviours
    Always wearing a helmet
        Students living in a town (farm)1.80 (1.03 to 3.12)
        Males living in a town (males, farm)2.01 (1.07 to 3.81)
    Always or sometimes wearing eye protection
        Students living in a town (farm)1.74 (1.05 to 2.87)
        Males living in a town (males, farm)1.88 (1.04 to 3.40)
    Always wearing gloves
        Male gender (female)4.55 (1.42 to 14.5)
        Males living on a farm (females, farm)2.66 (1.02 to 6.94)
    Always or sometimes riding on public roads
        Male gender (female)1.93 (1.12 to 3.32)
        Males living on a farm (females, farm)2.20 (1.06 to 4.60)