Table 3

Affirmative parent responses to selected items

Poison itemKindergarten parents (%) (n=35)Third grade parents (%) (n=42)
1. Are all potentially harmful products stored behind locked cabinet doors or high and out of children's reach?62.876.1
2. Are all harmful products stored away from food?94.297.6
3. Are all potentially dangerous products stored in their original containers?100.097.6
4. Are you sure there are no flaking paint chips on window sills, woodwork, playpens, or cribs?88.588.0
5. Do you have syrup of ipecac in the house?31.440.4
6. Have you thrown away all out of date prescriptions?82.888.0
7. Have you identified all plants in and around your home so that you and your children know which are potentially toxic?60.066.6
8. Do your vitamins, aspirins, and other medication have child resistant caps?94.288.0
9. Do you have the poison center emergency phone number on or near the phone?85.773.8