Table 3

Comparison of cases and controls on Bike Ed exposure, with OR unadjusted and adjusted for potential confounding factors

Crude OR95% CIAdjusted* OR95% CI
*Adjusted using multiple logistic regression for age, sex, and income category.
†Exposure defined as having participated in a Bike Ed program at school according to parent report.
‡Analysis restricted to cases (n=106) and controls (n=97) where the parent report of participation in a Bike Ed program was validated by independent information confirming the existence of such a program at the school.
§Minor injury defined as an injury at the lowest severity level to one body part only, that is injury severity score = 1 (n=54 cases).
Bike Ed (any)†1.64(0.98 to 2.75)1.57(0.91 to 2.71)
Bike Ed by level
    In school only1.46(0.78 to 2.73)1.37(0.71 to 2.64)
    On-road1.96(0.92 to 4.16)1.94(0.88 to 4.29)
Bike Ed (validated)‡1.65(0.89 to 3.07)1.63(0.84 to 3.16)
Bike Ed (any, omitting cases with minor injuries§)1.38(0.77 to 2.48)1.32(0.71 to 2.44)