Table 3 Odds ratios for injury (PCPS) or death (NASS-CDS and FARS combined), minivans versus SUVs, unadjusted and adjusted
Unadjusted OR(95% CI)Adjusted* OR(95% CI)Adjusted† OR(95% CI)
PCPS0.55 (0.38 to 0.80)0.56 (0.38 to 0.82)0.65 (0.43 to 0.97)
NASS-CDS/FARS combined0.58 (0.38 to 0.87)0.76 (0.51 to 1.13)1.19 (0.73 to 1.94)
  • *Adjusted for restraint of the child and driver, seating row of the child, age of the child and driver, sex of the child and driver, and model year of the vehicle.

  • †Adjusted for all factors in the above footnote, plus whether the vehicle rolled over.

  • FARS, Fatality Analysis Reporting System; NASS-CDS, National Automotive Sampling System-Crashworthiness Data System; PCPS, Partners for Child Passenger Safety; SUV, sport utility vehicle.