Table 1

Summary measures of potential predictors and/or disability outcomes following injury

Dimensions & variablesInterview measures, questions & electronic dataPre-injury collected at 1 month1 month after injury4 months after injuryOutcomes at 12 months after injury
Health condition (ICF)
    Pre-existing disabilityFrom NZ census++
    Injury cause, nature, typeSelf-report, ACC/NZHIS electronic+
Functioning (ICF)
    Mobility, pain & moodEQ-5D48 51 58 & PANAS75++++
Activities (ICF)
    Self-care, usual activitiesEQ-5D++++
Participation (ICF)
    Usual activitiesEQ-5D+++
    Paid employmentKarasek79–81 ++
    Specific participationParticipation Scale87++
    Social supportGlobal+++
Global HRQoLEQ-5D++++
SF36 Global Qns++
Overall disability (ICF)WHODAS II51 61+++
Personal (ICF)
    Alcohol & drug useAUDIT82+++
    Age, sex, ethnicityFrom NZ Census+
    Recovery expectationsCole40++
    Socioeconomic (income)From NZ census++
    EducationFrom NZ census++
    Relationship statusFrom NZ census++++
Environmental (ICF)CHIEF76–78++
    Service providerOwn questions+++
    RacismHarris56 57++
    CostsPersonal & Societal+++
Over-arching concepts
    Happiness/life satisfactionUppal21 & global++++
  • ACC, Accident Compensation Corporation; HRQoL, health-related quality of life; ICF, International classification of functioning, disability and health; NZHIS, New Zealand Health Information Services.