Table 4

 Relation between road safety perception, attitudes to road traffic injury prevention, and road playing behaviors, adjusted by gender (n = 1557)

Playing in the road (ever)Playing on the sidewalk (ever)
Total%Adjusted OR (95% CI)Total%Adjusted OR (95% CI)
*The category “yes” included responses from “a little bit” to “always”.
†The category “yes” included responses of “quite a bit” or “always”.
‡The category “no” included responses from “moderately” to “not at all”.
Road safety perception
Perceived safe to play on the road
    Yes*61550.93.22 (2.58 to 4.01)61566.83.30 (2.65 to 4.09)
Attitudes to road traffic injury prevention
    Road traffic injury can be preventable
        Yes†58424.82.01 (1.60 to 2.53)58440.91.64 (1.33 to 2.03)