Table 2

 Multiple logistics regression analysis for factors associated with pedestrian injury, stratified by sex

CharacteristicFemale (n = 742)Male (n = 653)
Adjusted OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
*Participants whose father or mother had died have been excluded.
†The category “not always” included responses from “never” to “frequently”.
‡The category “ever” included responses from “rarely” to “always”.
    Urban1.861.13 to to 5.05
Television ownership
    No1.150.63 to 2.121.781.09 to 2.89
Distance to school
    More than 10 min1.430.95 to to 1.65
    Up to 10 min
Road crossing for school
    One or more crossing2.001.32 to to 1.75
    No crossing
Father’s education*
    Illiterate1.280.72 to 2.291.480.87 to 2.53
Mother’s occupation*
    Housewife0.750.45 to 1.230.660.43 to 1.01
    Some employment
Looking both ways before crossing road
    Not always†1.010.67 to 1.531.390.96 to 2.01
Waiting for green signals to cross the road
    Not always†1.741.12 to 2.691.410.97 to 2.05
Playing in the road
    Ever‡0.970.60 to 1.561.250.85 to 1.85
Playing on the sidewalk
    Ever‡1.320.86 to to 1.75