Table 1 Key outcomes and measures
Key outcomesTypes of household hazards measured
Burns, safety practicesUnsafe practices such as matches stored within reach of children ⩽10 years; matches lit before turning on the gas appliance; pot handles left facing outward on the stove; long cloth placed over the table where candles and cooking appliances are used; child is in the kitchen area when cooking is done; children ⩽10 are left alone in the house; drinking tea/coffee or eating hot food when a child is on someone’s lap; hot water goes in first when bath is prepared for the child
ParaffinIncorrect usage and poor maintenance of paraffin stove; paraffin appliances such as a heater, stove, and lamp placed on an unstable surface less than 30 cm away from combustible material when in use; children under 10 are left alone in the same room as paraffin appliances; and paraffin appliances left on when everyone in the house is sleeping
ElectricalThe presence of worn, cracked, or knotted electrical cords; and the incorrect usage and/or poor maintenance of electrical appliances such as the kettle, iron, TV/radio, and heater
Poison ingestionBeauty products, medicines, cleaning products, paraffin, alcohol, and rat poison not in properly labeled, tightly closed, non-glass containers and not stored over 1 m in height or in a securely locked cupboard
FallsThe presence of fall hazards such as electrical cords in walking area, loose rugs and mats, and uneven or slippery floor surfaces in the home as well as the storage of children’s toys and sweets over 1 m off the floor