Table 3 Distribution of incorrect hospital assigned cause of injury categories by validation cause of injury category, Emergency Department Injury Surveillance System (EDISS), Massachusetts, March 1999–February 2000
Validated injury cause*(E codes)% misclassifiedMisclassified causeNumber (%) inmisclassifiedcategory
Machinery (E919.0–E919.9)65 (39/60)Cut/pierce21 (54)
Struck by/against13 (33)
Falls2 (5)
Overexertion2 (5)
Missing1 (3)
Not specified (E887, E928.9, E929.9, E958.9, E968.9, E988.9, E976, E997.9)54 (51/94)Cut/pierce22 (43)
Overexertion8 (16)
Struck by/against7 (14)
Other specified5 (10)
Not elsewhere classified4 (8)
Falls3 (6)
Natural/environmental1 (2)
Missing1 (2)
Not elsewhere classified (E928.8, E929.8, E958.8, E959, E988.8, E989, E977, E995, E997.8, E998, E999 )31 (9/29)Overexertion4 (44)
Struck by/against3 (33)
Falls1 (11)
Other specified1 (11)
Other specified (E846–E848, E914–E915, E918, E921.0–E921.9, E923.0–E923.9, E925.0–E926.9, E929.0–E929.5, E955.5, E955.9; E958.0, E958.4, E960.1, E965.5–E965.9, E967.0–E967.9, E968.4, E985.5; E988.0, E988.4, E971, E978, E990–E994, E996, E997.0–E997.2)19 (18/95)Struck by/againstOverexertion17 (94)1 (6)
Natural/environmental (E900.0–E909, E928.0–E928.2, E958.3, E988.3)17 (3/15)Missing3 (100)
Falls (E880.0–E886.9, E888, E957.0–E957.9, E968.1, E987.0–E987.9)11 (22/201)Overexertion16 (73)
Missing6 (27)
Fire/burn (E890.0–E899, E924.0–E924.9, E958.1, E958.2, E958.7, E961, E968.0, E968.3, E988.1, E988.2, E988.7)11 (4/37)MissingPoisoning2 (50)1 (25)
Natural/environmental1 (25)
Poisoning (E850.0–E869.9, E950.0–E952.9, E962.0–E962.9, E980.0–E982.9, E972)9 (1/11)Missing1 (100)
Struck by/against (E916–E917.9, E960.0, E968.2, E973, E975)9 (17/192)Falls7 (41)
Overexertion6 (35)
Cut/pierce4 (24)
Cut/pierce (E920.0–E920.9, E956, E966, E986, E974)3 (8/ 250)Missing3 (38)
Falls2 (25)
Overexertion2 (25)
Machinery1 (13)
Transportation (E800–E819, E958.5, E958.6, E988.5, E988.6)1 (1/74)Machinery1(100)
Overexertion (E927)1 (1/186)Missing1(100)
All causes (E800–E999)14 (174/1247)Cut/pierce47 (30)
Struck by/against40 (25)
Overexertion39 (25)
Falls15 (9)
Other specified6 (4)
Not elsewhere classified4 (3)
Machinery2 (1)
Natural/environmental2 (1)
Poisoning1 (1)
  • *Causes of injuries grouped according to the ICD-9 Framework for Presenting Injury Data.6