Table 2 Reported use of fire safety interventions and fire history at baseline visit in study households, by alarm type
CharacteristicIonization (n = 366) (%)Photoelectric (n = 384) (%)
Safety practice
No. of smoke alarms present*
Smoke alarm tested within past†
    0–6 months77.073.9
    6–12 months14.214.4
    >12 months5.76.4
⩾1 carbon monoxide alarm20.321.0
Carbon monoxide alarm tested within past†
    0–6 months48.550.7
    6–12 months27.314.5
    >12 months6.110.1
⩾1 fire ladder‡7.85.8
⩾1 fire extinguisher67.567.4
Extinguisher pressure check within past 9 months§31.132.4
Designated meeting location¶31.734.6
Know water temperature47.044.0
Water temperature <120° F**64.966.7
Fire history
Prior fire11.010.5
Fire-related injuries††5.98.8
Prior fire
    Fire without injuries9.08.4
    Fire with injuries0.60.8
    Fire with unknown injuries1.41.4
  • *Not including study alarm.

  • †Restricted to households self-reporting at least one such alarm.

  • ‡Restricted to houses of more than one floor.

  • §Restricted to households self-reporting at least one fire extinguisher.

  • ¶Restricted to households with more than one resident at some point during the 9 months prior to interview.

  • **Restricted to respondents who knew water temperature.

  • ††Restricted to households self-reporting prior fire.