Table 4

 Presence of selected circumstances, fatal poisonings, New Jersey, 2003

Manner of death, n = 679 (%)
Unintentional n = 537Suicide n = 107Undetermined n = 35Total n = 671
Column percentages are shown. Statistical tests are reported in the text. Circumstances are not mutually exclusive.
Physical health problem18.324.345.720.6
Crisis in the past two weeks9.719.617.111.6
Intimate partner problem4.714.017.16.8
History of suicide attempt2.320.62.75.2
Disclosed intent to commit suicide0.613.111.43.1
Other legal problem1.19.402.4
Other relationship problem1.
Recent death of friend or family member1.
Job problem1.
Financial problems0.62.800.9