Table 2

 Evidence of mental illness (MI) for suicide victims by race/ethnicity

White (non-Hispanic) %Black (non-Hispanic) %Hispanic %Other (non-Hispanic) %
2 tests of differences significant at 0.05 or less.
PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; ADD, attention deficit disorder; OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.
Family/friend reporting and death scene evidence of diagnosis and treatmentn = 5797n = 501n = 257n = 310
Ever treated for mental illness*
Current mental illness*44.234.721.431.0
Current treatment for MI*32.825.015.222.3
History of suicide attempts*18.713.416.717.1
Diagnosis of depression*34.721.615.624.2
Diagnosis of bipolar disorder*
Diagnosis of schizophrenia*
Diagnosis of anxiety disorder2.
Diagnosis of PTSD0.
Diagnosis of ADD0.
Diagnosis of OCD0.
Diagnosis of eating disorder0.
Other diagnosis2.
Family/friends assessmentn = 5797n = 501n = 257n = 310
Current depressed mood*46.830.745.143.9