Table 4 Swimming ability by significant demographic variables
Age group
    4–11 years7092.41.2
    12–17 years7563.01.3
Lunch programme
    Free lunch6812.61.3
    Reduced lunch1982.61.3
    No lunch programme4912.81.2
Parent’s education
    Some high school2832.71.3
    High school diploma/GED2702.31.2
    College/technical school degree3992.41.2
    Advanced degree (Masters/PhD)2443.01.3
  • Swimming ability was measured as: 1 = unable to swim; 2 = can swim a little, but not comfortable in deep water; 3 = comfortable in deep water, but cannot swim for very long; 4 = can swim for an extended period of time; 5 = can swim competitively (or could) and for an extended period of time.