Table 2 Impact of different assumptions about the proportion of missing/unspecified activity codes that may be truly sports/leisure cases on the overall sports injury frequency estimates, NSW hospitalization episodes, 2003–04
ICD external causeCodesTotal number of cases assigned to ICD code range% of all cases related to sports/leisure under different assumptions about the missing/unspecified activity code cases
Assumption number
0% (none)% sports/leisure among known activity cases25%50%75%
Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movementsX50485439.945.743.146.349.4
DrowningW65–W74, V90, V91, V2134637.947.142.847.752.6
Struck by/againstW20–W23, W50–W521140033.441.938.543.648.6
Transport accidentsV01–V992899814.922.123.131.339.5
Exposure to unknown factorX591970814.223.624.234.244.2
OthersAll other codes457664.15.811.518.926.3