Table 2

 Attitudes toward counseling interventions in 1994 and 2000: percentage responding agree or strongly agree

1994 n = 9822000 n = 922
*p = 0.03.
Violence prevention should be a priority issue for pediatricians91.492
Anticipatory guidance on firearm safety could reduce injury or death82.482.7
Pediatricians should identify families who have firearms at home82.987.3*
Pediatricians should recommend the unloading and locking away of firearms94.695.8
Pediatricians should recommend the removal of handguns from home65.360.8
Gun violence is a problem in the community where my practice is locatedNA62
I am comfortable discussing firearm safety with parentsNA73.6
I have adequate training in firearm safetyNA32.7
I am confident in my ability to manage patients with gun injuriesNA23
There is sufficient time in health maintenance visits to address firearm safetyNA27.5
Parents resent being asked about firearms at homeNA36.5