Table 3

 Costs (in billions) of nonfatal fall injuries by sex, body region, and type of injury, by treatment setting, US, 2000*

Hospital ($12†)Cost (%)Emergency department ($4†)Cost (%)Outpatient & MD’s office ($3†)Cost (%)
*Column totals may differ slightly due to rounding.
†Cost totals may differ because some categorical estimates were based on small numbers.
‡Other region includes injuries of the upper extremity, vertebral column, spinal cord, and systemic/late effects.
§Other type includes amputation, blood vessel, crushing, burns, nerves, and systemic/late effects.
Age (years)
Body region
    Lower extremity862120128
    Upper extremity18124125
    Other head/neck1701009
    Vertebral column140009
    Other region‡1401003
Type of injury
    Open wound0311203
    Internal organs150700
    Other type§0100013