Table 6

Multivariate logistic regression analysis to evaluate the effect of class of vehicle on pedestrian crash mortality* †

Odds ratio of pedestrian death95% Confidence intervalp Value
*Analysis performed on 451 cases with sufficient data for variables in the analysis.
†After adjustment for impact speed and age as ordinal categorical.
Vehicle class
    LTV3.41.4 to 7.80.005
    Van0.60.1 to 2.20.417
Speed category (km/h)
    21–300.80.08 to 8.00.857
    31–4017.94.8 to 66.2<0.0001
    41–5075.020.7 to 271.90.001
    >5083.322.6 to 306.9<0.0001
Age category
    Adults1.60.6 to 7.7<0.0001