Table 5

 Five priorities for the primary prevention of pediatric farm injuries involving children injured by a farm work hazard while not engaged in farm work

PriorityTargeted injury pattern
1. Prohibiting access to the farm worksite:
        Toddlers while adults are engaged in farm workRunovers, drownings
        Passengers (“extra riders”) on farm vehiclesPassenger runovers
2. Installing passive physical barriers:
        Fencing for water/drowning hazardsDrowning
        Fall protection in hayloftsFalls from heights
        Fencing of animal enclosuresAnimal trauma
        Barriers around machinery and vehicle compoundsBystander runovers, machinery entanglements
        Fencing to promote safe play areasAll injuries
3. Instituting safe storage practices:
        Large objects in worksiteCrush injuries
        Tools and sharpsLacerations
4. Identifying child care alternatives:
        All play activities on farmsAll injuries
        Daycare optionsAll injuries
5. Developing guidelines for common recreational activities:
        All-terrain vehicle useRecreational vehicle crashes
        Horse related and riding activitiesAnimal trauma