Table 4

 Activities associated with childhood injury events among children injured by a farm work hazard while not engaged in farm work

ActivityFatalities (n = 129)Hospitalized injuries (n = 178)Restricted activity injuries (n = 63)Total* (n = 370)
*Given limitations on data sources, the relative contribution of fatal, hospitalized, and restricted activity injuries in these totals may not be representative of the actual population of injury events.
†Includes all-terrain vehicle and motor bike operation.
    Playing in the worksite4434.111464.01422.217246.5
    Horse related53.9126.72336.54010.8
    Recreational vehicle operation†10.8046.351.4
    Playing in the house yard21.6034.851.4
    Other recreational21.60020.5
    Bystander to farm hazard3023.33218.069.56818.4
    Extra rider on farm machinery3527.1179.61117.56317.0
    Non-farm work43.131.7071.9
    Motor vehicle related32.30030.8
    Other non-recreational32.3023.251.4