Table 1

 Telephone interview questions and home observation outcomes

Follow up interview questionHome visit observationOutcome
Have you checked the temperature of your tap water at home with a thermometer in the past 2 months?Check water temperature⩽120°F>120°F
Do you have smoke detectors on each floor of your house?Is there a smoke alarm on each floor?YesNo
In the past 6 months, have you replaced the batteries in the smoke detectors?Do(es) smoke alarm(s) work?YesNo
Does [child’s name] own a helmet?Does child have a bike helmet?YesNo
In the past 2 months have you checked to see if [child’s name]’s helmet fits snugly?Check the helmet fit. Is it snug?YesNo
What type of car seat did [child name] use on his last car trip?Forward facing car seatYesNo
Booster facing car seatYesNo
Adult seat beltYesNo