Table 2

 Care routines with violently injured youth (n = 41)

RoutineNumber of respondents (n, %)
Identifying/gathering data
    Determine context of the event that caused injury38 (92.7%)
    Determine who caused injury32 (78.0%)
    Determine if there were witnesses to the injury event11 (26.8%)
Assessing patient safety and risks
    Talk with patient about safety concerns29 (70.7%)
    Determine likelihood of a repeat attack12 (29.3%)
    Determine if patient plans to retaliate8 (19.5%)
Referring/counselling patient
    Talk with patient about safety concerns29 (70.7%)
    Refer patient to social worker or chaplain16 (39.0%)
    Counsel patients about ways to increase safety14 (34.1%)
    Speak with family/friends about increasing safety12 (29.3%)
    Provide numbers of violence prevention programs10 (24.4%)
    Contact violence prevention program for patient3 (7.3%)
    Contact police2 (4.9%)