Table 1

 Ratings* of each road safety indicator against the validation criteria

Indicators†Validation criteria‡
1. Case definition2. Serious injury3. Case ascertainment4. Representativeness
*10 point rating system: 0  =  validation criterion not satisfied; 10  =  validation criterion completely satisfied; 1–9  =  validation criterion incompletely satisfied—the magnitude of the score indicating the degree to which the criterion is satisfied.
**  =  One rater was unable to assess this indicator.
†See box 1 for a statement of the non-fatal indicators.
‡See “Consensus outcome” for a full statement of the criteria included in the validation tool for indicators of injury incidence.
§Ratings shown in bold were made by the assessor living in that country (for example, the assessment of C1 shown in bold text was made by the Canadian assessor).
C1: Police-serious,0,42,6,76,6,87,8,8
C1.8: Police-serious-vulnerable0,4,**2,7,**5,8,**5,8,**
NZ1: Police-all0,0,20,3,44,4,55,6,7
NZ2: Hospitalisations0,0,32,5,65,5,88,8,10
UK1: Police-serious0,6,104,5,84,7,97,9,9
UK2: Police-slight0,5,100,1,44,4,56,7,9