Table 1

 Top 10 most frequently accessed Injury Prevention papers in 2004 and their citation frequency

ArticleIP web accesses*Google citations†WOS citations‡
*Injury Prevention website.
†Google Scholar.
‡Web of Science database.
P L Jacobsen (2003). Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling5339175
A T McCartt, L L Geary (2004). Longer term effects of New York State’s law on drivers’ handheld cell phone use384211
J M Conn, J L Annest, J Gilchrist (2003). Sports and recreation related injury episodes in the US population, 1997–9937771114
D Isaac, MD Cusimano, A Sherman, et al (2004). Child safety education and the world wide web: an evaluation of the content and quality of online resources332600
A Philippakis, D Hemenway, D M Alexe, et al (2004). A quantification of preventable unintentional childhood injury mortality in the United States299500
R E Tremblay (2002). Prevention of injury by early socialization of aggressive behavior 1281110
S B Sorenson, K A Vittes (2003). Buying a handgun for someone else: firearm dealer willingness to sell264601
I D Cameron, R G Cumming, S E Kurrle et al (2003). A randomised trial of hip protector use by frail older women living in their own homes248088
J J Arnett, C E Irwin, B L Halpern-Felsher (2002). Developmental sources of crash risk in young drivers247254
A Spinks, C Turner, R McClure, et al (2004). Community based prevention programs targeting all injuries for children245100