Table 1

 Fifteen most populous countries and reported firearm deaths

Most populous countries with FDD (firearm death data year)sourceCFDR/100000 populationReported firearm deaths, projected to year 2000 population*% of intentional deaths by firearm
Source: w = WHO-WRVH; s1 = survey, all intents, s2 = survey, missing intents.
*Reported firearm deaths for S2 countries, which by definition do not include all intent categories and therefore underestimate total firearm deaths.
India (1994)s20.33300*
United States (1998)w10.93090063.0
Brazil (1995)s126.74550096.5
Japan (1997)w0.11000.0
Mexico (1994)s212.112000*61.3
Germany (1999)w1.5120012.7
Viet Nam (1995)s10.2100
Philippines (1996)s23.62700*22.8
Thailand (1994)w4.3270036.7
United Kingdom (1999)w0.32004.4
France (1998)w5.0300032.5
Italy (1997)w2.0120027.9
Republic of Korea (1997)w0.11000.9
South Africa (1995)s227.011700*
Colombia (1995)s251.921800*79.8