Table 1

 Study variables

Victim factorsVehicle factorsCircumstance factors
Italics indicate information required to meet case criteria.
Age Make Town or city
Cause of death related to heat Model State
Gender Year Date
Child’s nameColorResponsible person and relationship to victim (for example, self, mother, foster parent, daycare provider)
Prior existing health problemsLocation (for example, parking lot, driveway)Length of time in vehicle
Victim’s activity at time of incident (playing, sleeping)Design features (for example, tinted windows, electric door locks)Temperature high for date
Presence of other children in the vehicleOther factors (for example, vehicle was abandoned)Time of day of incident
Outcome for other childrenUse of child safety seatAdult’s activity (for example, shopping, working)
Intention of adult (forgot, left child intentionally)
Adult use of alcohol or other drugs
Legal consequences
Adult’s age
Adult gender
Other factors (for example, marginal housing, family event)
Prior involvement with child protection agencies