Table 3

Characteristics of vehicles in fatal crashes related to police pursuit compared to all other fatal crashes and to all police reported crashes in the United States, 1994–2002

Vehicles in fatal police pursuit crashes (n = 3965); %Vehicles in other fatal crashes (n = 506629); %All CDS vehicles (n = 69016); weighted %
*17.6% of fleeing vehicles were reported as stolen, 3.1% of unpursued, non-police vehicles, 0.7% of police cars.
†Missing for 70% of CDS crashes. Not all vehicles were in motion.
Stolen vehicle11.2*0.2NA
Mean speed limit in mph (kph)43.8 (73.0)50.4 (84.0)40.4 (67.3)
Number of mph (kph) over or under the speed limit25.4 (42.3)6.1 (10.2)−15.5 (−25.8)†
Passenger car65.450.866.4
Utility vehicle6.88.29.6
Other or unknown0.61.90.1