Table 1

 The injury prevention programs under study

ProgramYear of initiationProgram abbreviation or title used in this studyPublished evaluations of the program used in this study
Falköping Accident Prevention Program, Sweden1975Falköping26–28
Statewide Childhood Injury Prevention Program, Massachusetts, USA1980SCIPP16
Vaeröy Injury Prevention Campaign1981Vaeröy29
Community Injury Control Programs of the Indian Health Service1982CICPIHS30
Lidköping Accident Prevention Program, Sweden1983Lidköping31
Motala Injury Prevention Program, Sweden1983Motala32–38
Harstad Injury Prevention Study, Norway1985Harstad39–43
Philadelphia Injury Prevention Program: Safe Block Project, USA1987Safe Block15
Safe Kids/Healthy Neighbourhoods Injury Prevention Program, Harlem, USA1988Safe Kids12
Injury prevention program in Falun, Sweden1989Falun44–46
Illawara program, Australia1990Illawara14
Five-city project, Denmark1990Five-city47
Safe Living Program, Shire of Bulla, Australia1991Safe Living13
Latrobe Valley Better Health Injury Prevention Program, Australia1992Latrobe Valley48
Naxos health education injury prevention program, Greece1993Naxos8
Waitakere Community Injury Prevention Project, New Zealand1995Waitakere49