Table 3

 Injury circumstances for all injury events (n = 83); values are number (%)

On water (n = 68)No (%)Off water (n = 15)No (%)
    Pamlico River14 (21)On the dock9 (60)
    Pamlico Sound13 (19)At home, doing fishing work4 (27)
    Neuse River10 (15)Other2 (13)
    Albamarle Sound9 (13)
    Ocean6 (9)
    Other16 (23)
Type of fishing on day of injury event
    None7 (10)None4 (27)
    Crab32 (47)Crab6 (40)
    Finfish18 (26)Finfish4 (27)
    Shrimp6 (9)Shrimp1 (6)
    Clam3 (4)
    Oyster1 (1.5)
    Other1 (1.5)
Activity before event
    Hauling up nets, pots, and lines28 (42)Loading the boat2 (13)
    Working with catch on boat13 (19)Preparing nets, pots, and lines2 (13)
    Non-specific activities while commercial fishing9 (13)Working with catch (off the boat)2 (13)
    Preparing nets, pots, and lines7 (10)Getting on and off the boat2 (13)
    Other11 (16)Other7 (48)
Injury contact
    Contact with finfish, shellfish, other marine animal36 (54)Lifting/moving a heavy object5 (33)
    Lifting/moving a heavy object10 (15)Fell, landing on a hard surface4 (27)
    Contact with fishing gear6 (9)Contact with hook or knife3 (20)
    Fell, landing on a hard surface5 (7)Other3 (20)
    Other11 (16)