Table 1

 Quotes from ethnographic field interviews

*Study alias (not the interviewee’s real name), interview date, and main type of fishing.
Reluctance to use medical servicesThe wife of one long time fisher, when asked about fishers going to the doctor for cuts and sprains replied: “But they’ve got to wait for them to get real bad before they’ll go to any doctor with it”Shelton, September 2000, crabber
Reluctance to use medical services; contact with marine animalsThis fisher tells of an episode of fish poisoning: “All it was, was the tip of a fin off a rock [fish], it went under that fingernail. And that whole arm turned purple and swelled up. It took it about three or four days. But I didn’t pay any attention to it. It didn’t hurt that bad. [Then] it kept getting worse and worse”Patterson, November 2000, crabber and gillnetter
Reluctance to use medical services; contact with marine animalsOne fisher’s story illustrated how they continue to work despite injuries: “[A] half-inch [fish spine] broke off under the skin. That was at 6 o’clock in the morning. I continued to haul a couple of boat loads of fish that day, fish were cheap back then, you know I was getting a nickel for herring but you, you handle a truckload, you could still make a day’s work. At 3 o’clock that afternoon I finally got time to go to the emergency room and he [physician] got it cut out, [got it] pulled out and I went back to the boat, and went and pulled 125 eel pots and my wife raised hell all the time”Mason, February 2001, gillnetter
Contact with marine animals“The mackerel is so fast, you’d think he’s bit you ONE time and he’s actually done like that maybe a hundred times. And you’ll bleed like a stuck hog”Tyrrell, March 2001, gillnetter and shrimper
Contact with marine animals“Crabs are just as bad, they’re just as bad or worse than fish. Everything on a crab will hurt you, stick in you, or bite you”Wilson, March 2001, gillnetter and crabber
Mechanical assistance with liftingA fisher over the age of 70 years explains his mechanical lifting system: “I have rigged a little trolley out there on my dock so that I can hoist them [100 pound fish boxes] up and slide them right into my truck so I don’t have to pick them upHargrove, September 2000, crabber