Table 2

 Head restraint questionnaire results

n = 51 (%)
What type, if any, is your headrest?
    None (the car I drive does not have one)2 (4%)
    Fixed18 (35%)
    Adjustable31 (61%)
Is there a function for the headrest?
    Comfort (to rest one’s neck muscles)10 (20%)
    Safety (to prevent neck injuries)38 (75%)
    Cosmetic (enhance the appearance of the car’s interior)3 (6%)
Have you ever adjusted the headrest in your own car?
    No28 (55%)
    Yes23 (45%)
        If so, how often?
         Once7 (23%)
         Occasionally (2–5 times)13 (42%)
         Every time I drive0 (0%)
         Other (please specify)3 (10%)
Where should the top portion of the headrest be?
    Just below the neck1 (2%)
    In the middle of the neck12 (24%)
    At the level of the head/skull35 (69%)
    Don’t know3 (6%)
How far away should the back of your head be from the headrest when driving?
    Touching the back of the head19 (37%)
    5 inches away from the head28 (55%)
    10 inches away from the head1 (2%)
    Don’t know3 (6%)