Table 2

 Concordance values and 95% confidence intervals (CI) by diagnosis (models including age) for Australian and New Zealand hospitalisations

Hospitalisations sourceDiagnosisHospitalisations (%)SRR source (ICD-10-AM only)
AustraliaNew Zealand
Concordance95% CIConcordance95% CI
AustraliaHead injury (S00–S09)130.9640.961 to 0.9670.9580.954 to 0.961
Other mechanical trauma (S10–T14)560.9300.928 to 0.9320.9210.919 to 0.924
Complications (T80–T88)180.7900.781 to 0.8000.7620.750 to 0.773
Other injuries (T15–T79, T89)130.8380.824 to 0.8570.7490.734 to 0.766
New ZealandHead injury (S00–S09)130.9600.952 to 0.9690.9600.952 to 0.969
Other mechanical trauma (S10–T14)610.9140.910 to 0.9190.9200.915 to 0.925
Complications (T80–T88)150.7820.760 to 0.8070.7880.764 to 0.812
Other injuries (T15–T79, T89)110.8300.796 to 0.8600.8440.811 to 0.873