Table 3

Correlations showing how parent attributes relate to supervision (composite of visual supervision, auditory supervision and physical proximity scores), children’s risk taking (IBC questionnaire, observed), and children’s injury history (non-minor, medically attended)

MeasureParent attribute
Neuroticism (BFI)Conscientiousness (BFI)Protectiveness of child (PSAPQ)Worry about child’s safety (PSAPQ)Vigilance in supervision (PSAPQ)Confidence in ability to keep child safe (PSAPQ)Belief that child’s health mostly due to fate (PHLOC)
*p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Supervision composite−0.17−**0.33*−0.30*
Risk taking
Injury history
    Medically attended−0.07−0.18−0.07−0.05−0.01−0.040.13