Table 3

 Average annual weighted number of injury episodes reported per week for weeks 1–5 and weeks 6–13, average annualized estimates for weeks 1–5 and weeks 1–13, and percent change between week periods, NHIS, 1997–99

Average annual weighted number reported per week (thousands)Percent change based on weeks 1–5 and weeks 6–13Average annual annualized estimate (thousands)Percent change based on weeks 1–5 and weeks 1–13
Weeks 1–5Weeks 6–13Weeks 1–5Weeks 1–13
*p Value <0.05 for test of b = 0 in the model E(y) = a+bI6–13+cI1998+dI1999, where E(y) is the expected weighted number of injuries per week, I6–13 = indicator for weeks 6–13, I1998  = indicator for 1998, and I1999  =  indicator for 1999. p Values reflect the variability due to imputation via the multiple imputation analysis.
†Insurance status for people under 65 years of age.
‡Time lost from school or work after injury for people age 5 years or older.
All episodes658605−8.1*3421732508−5.0
Age (years)
Insurance status†
    Not insured7975−5.040943969−3.1
External cause of injury
Injury type
    Open wounds141121−14.5*73556700−8.9
    Contusions/superficial injuries10076−23.6*51814429−14.5
Hospitalized for injury
Time lost from school or work for injury‡
    Any time lost231230−0.41200411973−0.3
    No time lost303266−12.2*1575314568−7.5