Table 1

Comparison of multiple intervention (MI) and historical control (HC) cohorts on demographics and lifestyle characteristics

MI (%)HC (%)p Value*MI (%)HC (%)p Value*
*From χ2 statistic.
†In analysis of military occupational specialty and basic combat training location, zero cells were not included in the analysis.
‡Military occupational specialties: 63G, fuel and electrical system repairer; 63W, wheel vehicle repairer; 63D, self propelled field artillery system mechanic; 63H, track vehicle repairer; 63Y, track vehicle mechanic.
§BCT, basic combat training.
    Private One64.760.458.452.0
    Private Two19.522.821.725.8
    Private First Class13.113.10.0215.518.40.59
Military occupational specialty†‡
BCT Location†§
    Fort Jackson, SC24.210.781.964.1
    Fort Knox, KY56.867.40.70.5
    Fort Leonard Wood, MO6.04.3<0.0112.818.6<0.01
    Fort Benning, GA7.811.30.00.0
    Fort Sill, OK4.
Injury on entry
Illness on entry
Cigarette smoking (once in 30 days before BCT§)
Smokeless tobacco use (once in 30 days before BCT§)