Table 2

 Odds ratios and confidence intervals (CI) for statistically significant (p<0.05) predictors in multivariate logistic regression on helmet use (1 = yes; 0 = no) in 2002*

PredictorOdds ratio95% CI
Guest characteristics
Self reported ability
    (Intermediate v beginner)1.150.67 to 1.92
    (Expert v beginner)1.901.10 to 3.28*
Proportion of days skied/snowboarded since November 1
    (4th quartile v 1st quartile)8.245.77 to 11.76*
    (3rd quartile v 1st quartile)4.843.39 to 6.92*
    (2nd quartile v 1st quartile)2.681.85 to 3.89*
Type of equipment (snowboard v skis)2.071.68 to 2.54*
Ski area characteristics
Ski area region
    (Southwest v Colorado)0.860.60 to 1.21
    (Northwest v Colorado)1.020.82 to 1.28
    (California v Colorado)0.600.48 to 0.76*