Table 2

Incidence rates and hazard ratios for driver injury, by indicators of socioeconomic status

Marital statusNo of casesPerson-yearsIncidence rate*Hazard ratio (95% CI), Adjusted for:†
Age, sex, cohortAge, sex, cohort, alcohol intake, driving exposureAge, sex, cohort, alcohol intake, driving exposure, area of residence, BMI‡, occupational status
*Cases per 10 000 person-years.
†Age and occupational status were fitted as continuous variables; sex (two levels), cohort (two levels), maximum daily alcohol intake (four levels), driving exposure (two variables: driving exposure estimated from the New Zealand Household Travel Survey, five levels; work related driving, four levels), area of residence (three levels), marital status (three levels), and body mass index (BMI, five levels) were fitted as categorical variables.
‡BMI, body mass index.
§2.16 (95% CI 1.38 to 3.39) after adjustment for age, sex, cohort, and alcohol intake (see Discussion).
Never married451515429.72.06 (1.35 to 3.16)2.17 (1.32 to 3.56)§2.29 (1.39 to 3.76)
Married78804469.71.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
Divorced, separated, widowed12127689.41.63 (0.88 to 3.01)1.67 (0.87 to 3.21)1.72 (0.88 to 3.33)