Table 1

 Odds ratios and confidence intervals (CI) for statistically significant (p<0.05) predictors in univariate logistic regression on helmet use (1 = yes; 0 = no) in 2002*

PredictorOdds ratio95% CI
*Only variables demonstrating statistically significant univariate relationships with helmet use were entered into the logistic regression—that is, gender, days skied/snowboarded, home residence, self reported ability, type of equipment, type of guest, and ski area region.
Guest characteristics
Age1.000.996 to 1.01
    (Other v white)0.650.41 to 1.03
    (Male v female)1.371.13 to 1.68*
    (College graduate v high school or less)1.170.87 to 1.58
    (Some college v high school or less)1.130.81 to 1.59
Proportion of days skied/snowboarded since 1 November
    (4th quartile v 1st quartile)11.518.20 to 16.16*
    (3rd quartile v 1st quartile)5.894.09 to 8.20*
    (2nd quartile v 1st quartile)2.932.02 to 4.23*
Self reported ability
    (Intermediate v beginner)1.460.88 to 2.41
    (Expert v beginner)3.382.05 to 5.58*
Type of equipment (snowboard v skis)2.161.79 to 2.61*
Home residence
    (Far West v Rocky Mountain)0.470.37 to 0.59*
    (Southwest v Rocky Mountain)0.450.28 to 0.72*
    (Northwest v Rocky Mountain)0.650.50 to 0.86*
    (South Central v Rocky Mountain)0.270.17 to 0.44*
    (North Central v Rocky Mountain)0.430.28 to 0.64*
    (Southeast v Rocky Mountain)0.250.15 to 0.42*
    (Northeast v Rocky Mountain)0.710.49 to 1.04
    (Canada v Rocky Mountain)1.160.70 to 1.94
    (Other country v Rocky Mountain)0.300.04 to 2.43
Type of guest
    (Destination v local)0.680.57 to 0.82*
Ski area characteristics
Ski area region
    (Southwest v Colorado)0.690.49 to 0.95*
    (Northwest v Colorado)1.050.85 to 1.29
    (California v Colorado)0.610.49 to 0.76*
    (Corporate v independent)1.130.95 to 1.34
Cloud cover
    (Cloudy v clear)1.120.92 to 1.36
    (Partly cloudy v clear)1.150.73 to 1.14
    (Moderate/strong v calm)1.120.89 to 1.42
    (Light v calm)1.150.95 to 1.40