Table 1

 Traffic crash deaths attributed to each risk factor, US, 1982–2001

Risk factorAffected populationAll deaths in affected populationDeaths attributed to each risk factor
*Rates per 100 000 person-years.
†(%)  =  100 × attributed deaths/deaths in affected population.
‡Count attributed to all five risk factors is less than the sum of the five individual counts because many persons were at risk from more than one factor.
AlcoholAll traffic deaths858 741366 6067.1543
No seat beltVehicle occupants641 114259 2395.0640
No air bagVehicle front seat occupants564 12431 3770.616
No motorcycle helmetMotorcycle riders63 81112 0950.2419
No bicycle helmetBicycle riders16 47310 5520.2164
All five risk factorsAll traffic deaths858 741528 105‡10.3061