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  • Risk compensation
    Richard L Hockey

    Dear Editor

    I would suggest that if there is a risk compensation affect with respect to bicycle helmets it would be very short lived. As any cyclist knows even with a helmet it still hurts like hell when you fall off!

  • Transportation safety issues portrayed on television: some thoughts on driver distraction
    Tony H. Reinhardt-Rutland

    Dear Editor

    There is a plausible case that television affects the individual road-user's attitudes to safety-related issues, so McGwin et al [1] provide a useful survey of television content regarding the portrayal of seatbelt and helmet use. Whether McGwin et al should make such strong assertions about the value of these devices raises arguments which have been aired elsewhere [2].

    Such surveys could be...

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  • Visual impairment and risk of falls and fracture
    Rebecca Q Ivers

    Dear Editor

    We welcome the article from Legood and colleagues on visual impairment and risk of injury.[1] More results from the Blue Mountains Eye Study which may be of interest o readers have recently been published. In June 2002 we published a paper in Osteoporosis International detailing visual and other risk factors for wrist, shoulder and ankle fractures in the Blue Mountains Eye Study.[2] Although no visual ris...

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  • Re: Australia’s 1996 gun law reforms: faster falls in firearms, deaths firearms suicides and a decad
    James B Lawson


    Re: Australia’s 1996 gun law reforms: faster falls in firearms, deaths firearms suicides and a decade without mass shootings. Chapman et al. Injury Prevention: 12; 365-372. Dec 2006.

    Chapman et al. use official Australian Government statistics to demonstrate a continuing fall in firearms murder and suicide following the implementation of the Australian National Firearms Agreement (NFA) of 1996. T...

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  • Trend not seen in England
    Richard C Wilson

    Dear Editor

    Lyman et al. report an increasing trend for the over 70s to be involved in fatal crashes in the US. It is possible to replicate part of their study for England using the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Death Statistics. These data are coded using ICD9 and hence a motor vehicle accident is coded in the range E810 to E819.

    The death rates per 100,000 population were calculated using O...

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  • Author's reply to Dr Lawson
    Simon Chapman

    Dear Editor

    Dr James Lawson [1] seeks to summarise similarities in our findings [2] with those of three other reports, particularly that of Baker and McPhedran [3]. He notes that we agree that there was a “continuation” of the pre-existing trend in falling firearm deaths following the implementation of the Australian National Firearms Agreement (NFA) of 1996. The word we used purposefully was that there was a sta...

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  • Complementary review required
    John D Langley

    Dear Editor

    The study described by Rivara et al., which identifies intervention research in specific areas that warrant systematic review, needs to complemented by a similar study which identifies priorities for primary research.[1] Clearly, the size of the problem would be one criteria. Another equally important issue would be how many resources are currently being devoted to the issue. For example, drownin...

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  • Protective balancing - an option for fall prevention among older subjects
    Karsten Knobloch

    Dear editor,

    We read with great interest the cost analysis of fatal and non-fatal falls among older adults aged >or=65 years. The authors point out that fall related injuries among older adults are associated with substantial economic costs with fractures accounting for 35% of non-fatal injuries but 61% for total costs. The authors concluded that effective intervention strategies are mandatory to implement in...

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  • Re: Regulations, legislation, and classification
    L A Fingerhut

    Dear Editor

    I just received the latest issue of Injury Prevention (June 2002) and was pleased to note that an editorial had been written about the Barell matrix.[1] However, when I read it, I thought- "no, something has been misunderstood!" Unfortunately, the editorial gives the reader the impression that the Barell matrix is one whose two dimensions are the:
    1. ICD-9 CM injury diagnosis...

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  • Reply to Mr. Wardlaw's letter "Timely reporting of research is necessary"
    Alison K. Macpherson

    Dear Editor

    In his letter "Timely reporting of research is necessary", Mr Wardlaw suggests that lack of enforcement of bicycle helmet legislation in Ontario is an underreported aspect of bicycle helmet research.

    Although the issue of enforcement of legislation has been raised as a potentially important aspect of bicycle helmet laws, to our knowledge, no one has studied the nature of enforcement of helmet leg...

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