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published between 2007 and 2010

  • Transportation safety issues portrayed on television: some thoughts on driver distraction
    Tony H. Reinhardt-Rutland

    Dear Editor

    There is a plausible case that television affects the individual road-user's attitudes to safety-related issues, so McGwin et al [1] provide a useful survey of television content regarding the portrayal of seatbelt and helmet use. Whether McGwin et al should make such strong assertions about the value of these devices raises arguments which have been aired elsewhere [2].

    Such surveys could be...

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  • Re: Re: Timely release of information is important.
    Avery Burdett

    In his zeal to defend bicycle helmet laws, Editor Barry Pless ignored two important issues identified by Malcom Wardlaw and in doing so raises one of even more vital importance.

    First, child cyclist head injuries declined in Ontario while data from Macpherson showed a declining rate of bicycle helmet use. This suggests a factor other than helmet use and helmet laws was responsible for the decline in head injurie...

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  • Evidence on cycle helmets is contested, ambiguous and inconclusive.
    Peter W Ward

    The Editor of IP does not like the fact that a debate exists about cycle helmets. (1) He would like not to publish correspondence from helmet sceptics. He describes the letters he has received as frustrating and irritating “repeated almost boilerplate arguments”. It is welcome and honest of the Editor to state his willingness to publish helmet sceptic eletters despite his dislike for this view. It compares with the a...

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