Updating the international research agenda for sports injury prevention research

Alex Donaldson, Research Fellow,
July 05, 2011

Dear Editor

I read with interest Caroline Finch's Online First editorial describing her recent experience of attending and giving a key note address at the third World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport. As someone who also frequently straddles the fields of sports medicine, injury prevention and, more broadly, health promotion, I would like to whole heartedly support Professor Finch's call for greater integration and collaboration across these areas. With sports injury prevention and falls prevention research now on the trail of the holy grail of translational and implementation research, both have so much they can learn from each other and from other fields of health and behavioural science research. Tobacco control is probably the most mature and sophisticated area of health promotion research so why not see what has been learnt there and take what is useful for application in injury prevention. The same applies to physical activity promotion and obesity prevention. Road traffic safety, falls prevention among the elderly, and occupational health and safety are three areas of injury prevention research where so much is already know about what works (and what doesn't) to change safety behaviours and to translate research evidence into real- world reductions in injury mortality and morbidity---yet few sports injury prevention or sports medicine researchers avail themselves of this body of knowledge.

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