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Etienne Krug, MD, MPH

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Etienne Krug, MD, MPH

Dr Krug was appointed Director of the Department for Violence and Injury Prevention at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2000. He has coordinated the development of WHO’s first World Report on Violence and Health published in 2002 and oversees preparations for World Health Day 2004, dedicated to road safety. He also chairs the International Organizing Committee for World Conferences on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion.

From July 1995 to December 1999 Dr Krug was a medical epidemiologist in the Division of Violence Prevention at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. During that time he designed, conducted, and published epidemiological research focusing on violence prevention at the national and international level.

Between 1987 and 1995, Dr Krug worked in war-torn countries for several humanitarian organizations. He served as a doctor in Mozambique and country director in Nicaragua and El Salvador for Médecins sans Frontiéres, as a health and nutrition coordinator for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees during the Rwandan genocide, and as a human rights observer in Haiti.

Dr Krug holds a degree in medicine from the University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium and a masters degree in public health from Harvard University. He has earned several awards including the 1998 Alexander D Langmuir and the Paul C Schnitker Awards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Rosalie Wolf Memorial Elderly Abuse Prevention Award. Dr Krug is editor of several scientific journals and has published many original articles, editorials, and chapters. He is fluent in French, English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.