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Safety advice needed

A great deal can change over a generation when it comes to keeping babies safe. It is important for new grandparents to keep up to date, so if you have any tips for Injury Prevention editor Barry Pless and his wife, Ann, please send them to barry.pless{at} as they became grandparents for the first time in April! Grandfather and grandmother are doing well.

“Drunk on Life”: Australian Boozie Awards

In imitation of industry awards the Australian Drug Foundation gives TV awards in recognition of “excessive, inappropriate or unconscionable marketing of alcohol”, called the “Boozie Awards”. A very popular drama series The Secret Life of Us was nominated for seven Australian TV Awards (Logies) and won a “Boozie” on the basis that, on average, one in four of its scenes involves drinking. Males feature in 80% of alcohol scenes compared with 53% for females. No character in the series is a non-drinker. Geoff Munro, director of the foundation’s Centre for Youth Drug Studies, says: “It is not an accurate portrayal of alcohol in young lives. Fifteen percent of young Australians aged 20 to 29 years do not drink and another 35% only drink occasionally” (based on a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 2003; submitted by Ian Scott).