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“I accidentally squashed my accountant”

A German actor who weighs 121 kg was jailed for 15 years for squashing his accountant to death. The defendant, who claimed to have accidentally fallen on his 60 year old accountant, was cleared of murder but found guilty of robbery and blackmail with fatal consequences (from The Age (Melbourne), November 2002, contributed by Ian Scott).

Driver protects beer, not child

Police pulled over a Mississauga driver who treated a case of beer more carefully than his 9 year old son. Ontario provincial police (OPP) officers, who are vigorously looking for seatbelt violators as part of their provincial Fall Seatbelt Campaign, stopped the motorist on highway 401 after seeing a child jumping around in the back seat. When the investigating officer approached the car, he discovered the man and his child unbuckled, while a case of beer was fastened firmly in the passenger’s seat. “It was like this guy cared more for his precious beer bottles getting smashed than he did for his son going through the windshield”, said OPP Traffic Sergeant Cam Woolley. “If we can help people like this [buckle up] by slapping them with a hefty fine, they’ll be that much safer” (from Mississauga News (Ontario), contributed by Carol Runyan).