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James A Mercy

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James A Mercy is the Associate Director for Science of the Division of Violence Prevention in the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He received his PhD in sociology from Emory University in Atlanta. After his graduation, Mercy began working at CDC as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer in a newly formed activity to examine violence as a public health problem. Over the two decades since he joined CDC, Mercy has conducted and overseen numerous studies of the epidemiology of youth suicide, family violence, homicide, and firearm injuries. His publications include “Fatal violence among spouses in the United States, 1976–1985” in the American Journal of Public Health; “Firearm injuries: a call for science” in the New England Journal of Medicine; “Public health policy for preventing violence” in Health Affairs; and “Is suicide contagious? A study of the relation between exposure to the suicidal behavior of others and nearly lethal suicide attempts” in the American Journal of Epidemiology. He is currently a coeditor of the World Report on Violence and Health to be released later this year by the World Health Organization.

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