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Don’t open indoors

A Malaysian air force technician was killed when the ejector seat of a fighter jet went off by mistake inside a hangar, rocketing him into the ceiling, military officials said. The technician was demonstrating the seat in a British made Hawk 108 fighter to engineers at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base, according to local news reports. During the demonstration, the rocket designed to propel the seat and pilot clear of the plane during an in-flight emergency fired, sending him crashing into the roof of the hanger. Six other people who were watching the demonstration were injured by sparks and debris from the rocket as it fired.

Slam-dunk injuries and deaths

There have been three deaths and a number of hospital treated cases of injuries in Victoria, Australia, where the victims have swung from a basketball hoop (slam-dunked) and pulled the basketball ring and the fabric (usually brickwork), to which the ring was attached, down on themselves causing injury. These events have occurred both in the home setting, where the ring has been attached to single brick walls, and in sporting complexes. A promotion campaign using the slogan “don’t swing on the ring” is being undertaken and Monash University Accident Research Centre is investigating.

Walk to school—safely

One in four Australian kids are overweight. But rather than just talking about it, the Queensland University of Technology is doing something to stop the trend. They’ve developed a Walk-to-School program that kids actually like doing (ABC Health Dimensions, April 2002;