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Population preventable fraction of bicycle related head injuries
  1. B Hagel,
  2. J-F Boivin
  1. Joint Departments of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and of Occupational Health, McGill University, 1020 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, PQ H3A 1A2, Canada

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    Editor,—The article by Dr Kopjar in a recent issue of the journal discussing the use of the population preventable fraction concerning bicycle related head injuries and helmet use was very interesting.1 Dr Kopjar uses the odds ratio (OR), obtained from case-control studies of the effectiveness of bicycle helmet use to prevent head injury, to provide an estimate of the relative risk (RR) required in the formula for the population attributable fraction. In the article, Dr Kopjar stated that “Incidence of head injuries is low, suggesting that these ORs can be used as a valid proxy for the RR”. …

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