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  1. Anara Guard
  1. Auburndale, Massachusetts, USA

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    A recent study used ethnographic interviewing techniques to explore reasons for the high rates of unintentional poisonings among young children of Mexican-born mothers. Door-to-door canvassing in five cities south of Los Angeles, California resulted in interviews with 50 mothers of children <5 years old. Contributing factors to a high exposure to potential poisons included: extensive use of products such as rubbing alcohol that were not in child resistant packaging; limited familiarity with toxic household chemicals; inability to read warning labels in English; favorable attitudes toward iron as a healthful product; and items stored in accessible locations. The authors encourage expanded poison control center outreach efforts to Hispanic families (


    Many reports of sports injuries have not focused on urban youth. A population based study published this year describes sports injuries among 10–19 year olds in an urban setting. The report focuses on baseball, soccer, skating, football, basketball, and bicycling. Among the findings of interest: 51% of the hospitalizations involved other persons; there were numerous assault injuries inflicted during sports activities; equipment and …

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