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Babysling related injuries: a case report and literature review
  1. J Brooks,
  2. F Finlay
  1. 1Bath NHS House, Department of Child Health, Newbridge Hill, Bath BA1 3QE, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Brooks
 (email: mijo{at}

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Case report

A 17 day old baby slipped from her babysling onto the pavement hitting the front of her head, when her mother accidentally tripped and fell over. The baby cried immediately, but her mother brought her to the accident and emergency department, as she was concerned that she had bumped her head.

On examination two large parietal swellings were noted, and skull radiography confirmed bilateral fractures extending from the coronal sutures anteriorly, to the lamboidal sutures posteriorly. The child was well, and as neurological assessment was normal no further investigations were done. The baby was observed on a paediatric ward and had hourly observations overnight—pulse rate, blood pressure, pupil diameter, and response to light. These all remained within normal limits.

The next morning the child was described by her mother as “irritable” and she attributed this to the fact that her child had been wakened hourly. General examination was unremarkable apart from the parietal swellings previously noted; she was therefore allowed to sleep undisturbed for several hours. On waking, she appeared well and she was therefore allowed home. Her parents were told that they could return with her to the ward at any time, if they had concerns.

She returned three days later as her parents were worried about increasing drowsiness. On …

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