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Consumer activism pays big dividends in USA
  1. Angela D Mickalide
  1. National SAFE KIDS Campaign, 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA tel: +1 202 662 0600, fax: +1 202 393 2072, e-mail:

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    Homer said that “The mark of wisdom is to read aright the present, and to march with the occasion”.1 In this regional report from the US, I commend those businesses and media outlets in America who have had the wisdom to listen to the concerns of injury prevention advocates and to either voluntarily withdraw their questionable products from the market and/or to change their advertising strategies. A few examples from various injury risk areas follow.

    Newsweek (choking prevention)

    In spring of 1997, Newsweek published a special edition entitled, “Your Child From Birth to Three”.2 One chart called “Building Health Habits” contained a serious error. It said that 5 month old babies could hand feed themselves zwiebacks or raw carrot chunks—a clear …

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